about me

user: lauren dorothy aka disco dottie

age: 24

pronouns: she/her

hometown: pittston, pa (the tomato capital)

big 3: leo sun / scorpio rising / libra moon

mbti: ENFP <3

fave music artists right now: BTS, charli xcx, tove lo! 

motto: what? i like 2 party

photo of me holding a vintage flip phone, i am wearing a pink cheetah print jacket and i am  looking sassy.


hi! i design everything you see on this site :) <3 i'm a self taught photoshop artist. I started making stickers when I was studying IT at penn state as a way to make extra money. in spring of 2020 when the vid first got real, i decided to rebrand and start making process videos on tiktok. to my surprise, i kinda blew up and now i have over 175,000 on tiktok (thank you!)

using the money i saved from redbubble, i quit my job in california and moved back home to pennsylvania to start my business that you see now! i'm just starting out as a freelance artist. 

i'm really inspired by 90s/2000s aesthetics, specifically graphic tees and vending machine stickers. when making my designs, i think of my childhood and what the cool older girls would have :)

in addition to being an artist, i'm also a hello kitty collector and a bts stan :) i also am always on my switch! i play animal crossing, friday the 13th and fortnite.